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Relationship Therapy/Couples Counseling

Is there trouble in your marriage/relationship? Are there issues of trust that bother you? Has there been an affair? Is there distance between you that often goes unmentioned? Are you unhappy? Are you both unhappy or do you feel that your partner doesn't understand?

If your marriage/relationship is troubling you, it may be time to get help.

Couple counseling will look more deeply into the patterns of your relationship. Therapy is about repairing and healing the delicate fabric that binds you to your partner. It explores the dynamics that exist between the two of you. It can help to heal wounds and create a more empathic and loving relationship. See my Newsletter on the Stages of a Relationship..

Couple counseling can be short term. You may need only a few sessions (see Coaching) to: a) straighten out the differences between you; b) help you to learn how to argue or discuss or even fight more fairly and effectively; c) communicate better and understand the other's point of view..

Premarital Counseling helps to ensure that you and your partner have a strong and stable relationship. It can help to indentify weaknesses and resolve problems that tend to get overlooked, often becoming larger after marriage.

If your instinct tells you that your relationship needs help, don't make the mistake of waiting too long. Call me for a confidential consultation about couple counseling.