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Aventura Stress Relief
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Are you experiencing symptoms such as: loss of concentration, inability to sleep, tearfulness, agitation, fatigue, not being able to perform effectively at work, not wanting to socialize or be with friends, being unable to enjoy things that were previously enjoyable and other such symptoms? These could be signs of depression. (Read my article, Treating Depression)

Depression is an extremely common disorder and anyone can experience it at any age. Fortunately, treatment for depression is available and a person can get much better with regular treatment. The treatment of depression can include medication, psychotherapy, diet and exercise and many other strategies that help people overcome the symptoms of this disabling disorder..

Depression and anxiety are often closely linked. We all feel sad or anxious at times. However, if you are having feelings like these for more than two weeks you may be experiencing something more serious than simple sadness.

These symptoms could be early signs of depression. Depression can be highly treatable. Treating depression in its early stages can reduce suffering significantly.

If you or someone you love is suffering with Depression please call for a confidential consultation.